Professional Resources

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Section Vision

The Professional Resources Section will be a members-only toolbox to build the BetterHVAC Community.

Membership is free for pros.

Member Features Coming Soon!


A master list of every industry event in the residential HVAC industry. More than tradeshows and training sessions, this will list social gatherings, jam sessions, and anything else which benefits the BetterHVAC Movement. Community members can submit their own events, virtual or in person.


A moderated list of questions and answers related to the HVAC industry – searchable, social, and trustworthy. Think of this like Quora or Stackoverflow, except for residential HVAC professionals.

CV Builder

More than a resume, a curriculum vitae is a summary of your career, qualifications, and education. This will eventually be integrated into digital training and certification systems to give you a central source of truth which proves your worth to employers.

Coaching & Mentorship

We all need a little help sometimes, and there will be no better place to find a mentor or professional coach through the BetterHVAC Community. Both Free and paid coaching and mentorship programs will be available, depending on the results you need.

Research & Publications

The BetterHVAC Community will curate and maintain a valuable and searchable repository of knowledge related to the residential HVAC Industry, such as research studies, academic papers, etc. Open Datasets will also be available for download through our

Member Directory

Members can search for and connect with peers with similar interests, backgrounds, or responsibilities. Community leaders may also actively encourage community by connecting members who wouldn’t normally spend time together.

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