The BetterHVAC Movement

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What Is BetterHVAC?

It’s a social hashtag.

It’s a social movement.

It’s social accountability.

It’s a website with useful tools.

It’s a doorway to discover a better way.

Donald Brodsky

It is the collaboration of visionaries who will foster change. Building Science and HVAC have come a long way and there are solutions. Educating our industry and educating the customer are our challenges. A united front can help move the ball across the goal line.

Pete Arkesteyn

As an trades instructor I hear many stories of great, good, marginal, adequate, crappy, horrendous and everything in between. I see bad practices being handed down from journeyperson to apprentice. I would like to see a trade wide increase in pride of workmanship. I have so much to learn also, and would like that knowledge so I can pass it along to my students.

Brynn Cooksey

Delivering the quality service that customers deserve.

Bryon Lucas

Contributing insights and better understanding for every installation and repair project so the next technician can be the best person for the job and never feel bad for asking questions to confirm and understand what they are encountering or simply showing them where and how to proceed to find the information they need. It’s all about passing it along. Also I’ve said this before and probably will again to a younger technician, the equipment you work on is not yours, you’re only called to get it running properly and make the system work the way it was designed. So you will never know exactly how to install or repair it but you will know the right people to ask for help.

Dan Wildenhaus

Promoting transparency, integrity, collaboration, and excellence in the HVAC R industry. It’s about continuing to learn and to teach recommended practices and an innovative spirit!

Isaiah denekas

Means a place to get better as a person and tech

Amplify Better.

The BetterHVAC Movement represents a groundbreaking initiative, propelling the residential HVAC industry towards a future of excellence and innovation. It calls upon professionals to rise above current standards and actively shape the industry’s future.

Our Vision

To forge a unified community within the HVAC industry, committed to unparalleled professionalism and ongoing advancement.

Our Mission

To empower HVAC professionals through lifelong learning, dedication to excellence, and active participation in industry evolution.

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A few BetterHVAC Champions had the opportunity to discuss BetterHVAC live at the HVACR Training Sympsium.

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We schedule regular virtual meetups, and are building a list of all industry events related to residential HVAC, building science, and home performance.

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